Get a free video tour

Video tours are coming sooner with your help:

Panoramic Studio is adding video tours to its services! We need to get a better understanding of customer's needs to provide the best possible service and perfect our video workflow. Also, more examples of video tours are needed to display online. For this reason, we are looking for some volunteers to kick start this service. In exchange, you will be provided with a free quality video tour like the example to your right.

Offer limited to the first 2 bookings

What you get:

  • After confirming available time on-site, and square footage, the photographer will first focus on filming the highlights of the best areas of the property. After that, as time permits, she will film the rest of the property.

  • The final product will be a downloadable video that could be used in youtube.

What we need from you:

  • Up to two hours to work on a staged/cleaned property, as the video will be added to Panoramic studio's gallery as an example video tour. 

  • You/homeowner agrees to allow the use of the video tour to the Panoramic Studio website. 

  • After delivery, you will be asked to fill a 5-minute questionnaire relating to this video service.

(During filming, there may be some delay in the delivery of the video, as workflow may need to be adjusted.)