3D Tour with Floor plan navigation 

Example of 3D Tour

What you get:

  • This 3D Tour is a perfect blend between a Matterport tour and an I guide tour. It allows for an easy smooth walkthrough experience in combination with a clean floor plan showing your live location (see the show/hide eye in the example above to see the floor plan). Viewers will be able to virtually walk through the home and see almost everything in the house. Some rooms may be excluded depending on what the photographer thinks is best. Any preferences as to which rooms to show, need to be expressed before the photographer arrives to scan the property. There is no dollhouse view included in this tour. 

  • It takes only about 1 hour to scan and measure an average-sized house.

  • You can get a portable version of the tour to give to your clients on a USB stick or for promotional use.

  • This tour can hold all your regular pictures as well within the same tour page. (in the example above, click on the more info tab to see the link to view photos) 

  • This new service in progress. We invite you to be one of the first to try out the service for a special low rate. This offer is for a limited time. Please call for more details.