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How to prepare your home

  • Below is a brief summary of what can be done to prepare your home. Items in  red font are of most importance.
    Please note: If you are uncomfortable with the photographer moving things such as personal items, please let us know before the appointment, and make sure that someone is there at the time of the booking to move any items for us.


  • Remove: gardening tools, toys, slippers, cars from the driveway or in front of the house.

  • Maintenance: Rake the leaves, Mow the lawn, shovel snow on patios. 

Rake and Hoes

Yard Maintenance?

Rake and Wheelbarrow




PVC Beach Ball

 Remove from driveway


Main living spaces

  • Remove personal items: identifiable pictures of your family, self-grooming/cleaning items such as toothbrushes, household cleaning items such as brooms and dish soap, garbage cans, anything pet-related, small unnecessary countertop items that clutter the space. *photos can be blurred

  • Pets: While the photographer is working Please hide your pets either in another room, another floor, or outside, for the duration of the photography shoot and measurements. 

  • General cleaning, such as: decluttering, vacuuming, putting away the dishes, making the beds. 

  • Where to hide items: the Garage, or in closets. (If your property is getting a floor plan, closets might need some emptying as explained below).

Woman Hanging Framed Photos
Bathroom accessories

 Remove personal pictures

 Remove personal
cleaning items

*photos can be blurred

Sink Full of Dishes


Dog Food


garbage can.jpg


Cleaning Products



Hide your cute pets

Furry Slippers


For the floor plan, please follow instructions below

  • The closets need to be empty enough so the photographer can laser measure the space with the 360 laser device:
    In order to draft the closets for the floor plan, the photographer will need to see at least a bit of the back wall, and a bit of the side walls of each closet. (please see diagram below)


  • The closets need to be accessible: Please make sure there are no large heavy items in front of the closets that prevent us from opening them.

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