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Real Estate Package Prices

Eleni Shouftas
Panoramic Studio


* All packages may be subject to mileage/square/mileage/Square footage fees. Please see below



Prepayment is required 24 hours before each appointment:

Panoramic studio requires payment a minimum of 24 hours before booking.  Cancellation fees will apply (shown below) if the booking is canceled within 24 hours of the appointment (details below). We are happy to provide monthly payment options to customers who have shown a consistent good record history working with Panoramic Studio.


Cancellation Fee / On-Site Cancellation / Delay Fee:

A Minimum 24 hour notice is required for cancellation of any appointments. Any cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment time are subject to a $25 cancellation fee.  If a property is not ready or accessible upon arriving, and rescheduling is required, a 50% cancellation fee will apply (50% of the total proposed billed amount which includes any extra mileage fees). Up to a 100% cancellation fee may apply for cancellations of any aerial drone work. A fee may be charged for delays due to unprepared properties, waiting for someone to unlock the door, incorrect lockbox numbers, no one home etc.


Mileage fees (beyond Kitchener and Waterloo):

To view the service area map which displays the extra costs for mileage, click here


Photo and floor plan fees for properties over 3000 square feet:

For extra fees for larger properties, please see the quote calculator in the main menu.

Floor plan and measurement disclaimer:


Floor plans and measurements are not to scale. They are not meant to be architectural drawings.  All details and measurements intended to be relied upon should be independently verified. For the full disclaimer with details of how measurements are taken, please go to


24 hour turnaround:  

Unless otherwise stated, photos will be ready within 24 hours. (Photos taken on Saturday will be ready on the following Monday). Any extra services such as floor plans, and aerial photos may lengthen turnaround time.

Covid Temporary Photography Session Policy:

* The photographer will require confirmation that no one living at the property is showing signs of sickness before heading there to shoot.
* The photographer will require no one to be in the property while on site. This will include real estate agents.
* It is preferable that the homeowners turn on light switches and open all the doors if possible. This allows the photographer to only have to touch camera gear and maintain a safer environment. The photographer will photograph everything as is.
(A guide is coming soon to explain to homeowners the basic staging/tidying up that they can do before a shoot, such as closing toilets, hiding things…)
* The photographer will wear a mask and gloves on-site at all times, sanitize my camera gear and swap footwear in between shoots or use shoe covers.
* The photographer may need to limit bookings per day in order to make sure I have taken sanitization time into consideration, between bookings.
* This list will be updated as adjustments to the policy are made.​


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