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Corona Virus (Covid-19) Update

April 14th, 2020 update: 


I hope that you and your families are keeping healthy and staying safe.

From what it looks, the worst of the first wave of this pandemic will not be over until August. I am currently attempting to secure more sanitation supplies. I plan to be continuing photography service at some point during the week of April the 20th if all goes well with supplies and preparations.


Below are some things that have changed regarding future services and policy.


1. Temporary Photography Session Policy:

* I will require confirmation that no one living at the property is showing signs of sickness before heading there to shoot.
* I will require no one to be in the property while I am shooting there. This will include real estate agents.
* I would prefer that the homeowners turn on light switches and open all the doors if possible. This allows me to only have to touch my camera gear and maintain a safer environment. I will photograph everything as is.
(I am working on a guide to explain to homeowners the basic staging/tidying up that they can do before a shoot, such as closing toilets, hiding things…)
* I plan to wear a mask and gloves on-site at all times, sanitize my camera gear and swap footwear in between shoots or use shoe covers.
* I may need to limit bookings per day in order to make sure I have taken sanitization time into consideration, between bookings.
* I will update you on other changes as they come.​


Thank you for your patience over the last couple of weeks during this unprecedented time.

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